Diet of Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are popular pets that are native to Australia. The expected life span of bearded dragons is around 8 to 10 years when they are cared for properly. Bearded dragons are noted for their fascinating and endearing greeting behaviour that make them interesting and entertaining to watch. These moderately sized lizards are considered as good pets because they are easy to handle and tame. They are docile and social animals that rarely display aggressive behaviour in captivity. However, they have fairly complex environmental and nutritional requirements so you may have to buy special equipment to take care of your pet.

Bearded Dragon Diet

Bearded dragons are omnivores that must be given a mixture of plant material, vertebrate and invertebrate prey. In captivity, they must be given a combination of vegetables, greens and insects.


The chitinous exoskeleton of the prey can affect the normal functioning of the digestive system of bearded dragons. Since crunchy bugs like roaches and mealworms are known to have a negative impact on their digestive system, you must feed them these bugs in limited quantities. To reduce impaction of the digestive system, you can feed them bugs immediately after a molt. After a molt the exoskeleton of the bugs becomes weak and has little impact on the digestive system.

Insects for Baby Bearded Dragons

Baby bearded dragons must be fed bugs more often than adult bearded dragons but the size of the bug must not be too large. You must feed them at least twice a day with appropriately sized bugs as they usually eat their food in less than 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t feed them in the morning until their cage is heated up or after their cage cools down in the evening because they require heat for digestion.

Insects for Adult Bearded Dragons

Unlike juveniles that must be fed twice a day, adult bearded dragons must be fed just once a day. Adult bearded dragons can be fed a wider range of bugs like red worms, waxworms, butterworms, superworms, earthworms and mealworms. However, these bugs must only be given as special treats with crickets making up the major portion of their diet. You can also feed your pet pinkie mice once or twice in a month.

Insects you should not feed

You should not give your pet wild caught insects as they can increase the risk of pesticide contamination. Also, you must not feed them boxelder bugs or fireflies as it can be toxic for both baby and adult bearded dragons.


The insects must be fed with nutritious food before you give them to your pet. They must also be dusted with phosphorus-free Vitamin D and calcium supplement. However, you must not dust them with multivitamins more than four times in a month.

Vegetables and Greens

You must feed bearded dragons green leafy vegetables like chickory greens, dandelion greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, parsley and escarole. You must also give them vegetables like green beans, squash, peas, carrots and bell pepper and fruits like apples, berries, papaya, grapes, mangoes, banana and blueberries. Vegetables and fruits must not be more than 35 percent of their diet. You can chop and mix all the vegetables and fruits to make a salad which can be given to them in shallow bowl.

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How to treat Mange in Dogs

Mange in dogs needs to be medically treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. The veterinarian will likely prescribe a treatment plan specifically designed for your dog’s infection. Treating mange in dogs can be a difficult task, as missing part of the treatment, or incompletion of treatment can lead to a re-infestation very quickly.

The first step to treating mange in dogs is to keep everything as clean as possible. This includes cleaning your dog’s bedding and blankets. Vacuuming and shampooing carpets, and focusing on areas your dog frequent may also help during treatment for mange in dogs.

If you discover your dog has contracted mange, it is important that he is isolated until treatment is complete. Keep your dog away from other animals, and avoid as much physical contact as possible while he is infected.

Preventing Mange In Dogs

Feeding your dog foods and vitamins rich with anti-oxidants will help to improve his immune system. A strong immune system will help to fight off and kill mites before it has a chance to burrow into your dog’s skin, causing mange in dogs.

Be very cautious about other animals that your dog comes in contact with. If you notice any bald or red patches or excessive scratching, it may be a sign that this animal is infected with mange.

Keeping your dog’s hygiene up is one of the most effective ways of preventing mange. Poor hygiene is a major cause of Sarcoptic mange in dogs (also known as scabies). Proper hygiene for the household and owner is just as important.

Home Remedies For Mange In Dogs

Along with medical treatments, you can try home remedies to help cure mange in dogs. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the type and severity of your dog’s mange before trying any home remedies to avoid further infection or irritation.

Herbal treatments for mange in dogs are safe and effective treatments using ingredients around the house.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax

8 tbs Borax
8 oz Hydrogen Peroxide
4 cups Warm Water
Mix borax with warm water and add hydrogen peroxide. Mix together and apply with a wet sponge. Soak your dog completely with the mixture and allow to air dry.

Dishwashing detergent – Wash your dog with a gentle, scent free dishwashing liquid. Allow the detergent to sit on the fur for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Avoid towel drying if possible.

Lemon – Boil water and add one lemon, sliced. Allow this to steep overnight. Apply the mixture to your dog’s fur and allow to air dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to your dog’s meal will help to treat mange symptoms. You can also add a bit of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s bath, and rinse thoroughly.

Honey – Honey may be applied to red, patchy areas of the skin to help sooth irritation.

Garlic – Garlic contains sulfuric compounds that kill mites. Diluted garlic oil can be applied to the infected areas on the skin. It will also help to minimize the bacterial infection wherever it is applied.

Sarsparilla, Nettle and Echinacea – These are herbs which help treat mites from the inside. Echinacea helps to strengthen the immune system, which will help to fight off mites that cause mange in dogs. Nettle stimulates the circulation of blood which helps to heal wounds faster. Sarsparilla is an antibacterial herb which helps to eliminate toxins and heal mange in dogs.

Neem, Lavender and Almond oil – These essential oils are excellent for helping to heal affected areas when dealing with mange in dogs. Mix one part lavender oil, one part neem oil and ten parts almond oil. Apply to the affected areas twice a day.

Will a ban on sale of pet in pet stores help?

Recently there was news of protest by some animal-welfare activists who wanted to prevent selling cats and dogs. According to these animal-welfare activists, if stores were stopped from selling pets it will help in preventing puppy-mill operations.

These protests by activist will definitely help in preventing the sales of pets at these stores but will not reduce the demand for pets. People who want to buy and sell pets will look at alternate ways of buying and selling pets. When people sell pets online, it will become extremely difficult to monitor their operations.

Today, the main problem is that economic recession is forcing people to abandon pets. For instance, in some places the average time that people have pets at home is just 18 months. By stopping the sale of pets at stores, animal-welfare activist are not dealing with the real problem. They need to find rational solution to the problem. They need to understand the larger problem rather than deal with minor issues that may not have any consequence on the well-being of the animals.

Animal welfare activist must also look at other issues that will help in improving the living condition of animals. They must try to set guidelines that will decide who can sell animals and the number of animals that live in a specified area.

Another important problem that they need to understand is that most people who buy and sell animals don’t require any permit. Also, some people don’t have proper training to handle animals. Therefore it is important that an authority is set-up that can control the buying and selling of animals. The authority must also have the right to decide who can sell animals and the space that must be given to each animal. The authority must also check if the pets have been vaccinated and they are not harmed by their breeders.

If you ask me, the animal welfare activist must not stop pet shops from selling pets. Instead, they should they to regulate the pets sold by them. These stores must be certified and regular inspection of these stores must be done by right authorities.

Recession is having no impact on pet expenses

dog-expensesThe prices of most commodities are increasing and most people are looking at ways of reducing their expenses. However, the new study shows that many people are showing little inclination to reduce their expenses. In 2011-12 the total turnover of the pet industry in Australia was $7.88 billion which is higher than 2010-11 levels by about $0.38 billion.

In the study it was found that more than 10 million households in Australia have pets and they spend about $1460 every year on their animal friend. A major component of pet expenses is the expenses on food. It was found that out of the $7.88 billion spent by pet owners on their animal friend, $2.8 billion was spent on their food. Vet bills were another major component of pet food expenses as pet owners spent about $1.7 billion on vet bills. Spending on boarding, clipping and other services were about $1.1 in 2011-12.

Most people will be surprised at the fact that people spent about $810 million a year on items like handbags and collars for their pet.

Some people are of the view that certain television and print media programs are increasing pet expenses. When people hear or read about these programs they start implementing the new age treatments recommended by the programs which is increasing their expenses.

In past few years, there are many companies in Australia who have started advertising specialised services that they are offering. When pet owners come across these services, they want to get these services for their pet which is increasing their expenses.

Tips to prevent obesity in Dogs

Dogs may be one of the best animal friends that you can have but many dogs are overweight which is affecting their health. If you have a dog at home that is obese, they are likely to suffer from some health problem. To maintain the health of your pet, it is best that you prevent them from becoming overweight.

If you are unsure of how to prevent obesity in your pet, here are a few prevent measures that you can take to avoid this problem.

Dog Food

The food that you give your pet will have a huge impact on the weight of your pet. You can give him fixed portion of food 2 or 3 times a day. Also, make sure you give them quality food that has the right combination of proteins and fiber. Avoid giving him extra large portions as it will only help in increasing their weight.

Dog Treats

The treats that you give your pet must not be more than 10 percent of their diet. Avoid giving your dog table scrap as it only increase the problem. If your pet has the habit of eating snacks between meals, it is important that you give them fat-free snacks.


Dogs that are overweight require more exercise than normal dogs. If you have spare time you can involve your pet in some sport. This will not only keep your pet fit but will also improve their skills. Also, make sure you give him exercise at least 2 times in a day as it will make them active.


At times, your dog may gain weight not due to excessive eating but because of some medical problem. Therefore, it is important that you get your pet checked by a vet at least once in 6 months. This will help you keep a track of your pet’s health and help you know if they are suffering from a disease.

Lazy Lifestyle

There are many pets that are overweight because of their sedentary lifestyle. Therefore it is important that your pet does not laze around all day. If your pet has reduced their physical activity but have not reduced their consumption, they are bound to gain weight. You can keep your pet fit by making them run around and keeping them active.

Healthy Weight Loss Program

If you are not satisfied with the results of your effort, it is best that you visit a vet and prepare a weight loss program for your pet. After you have decided on a program for your pet, make sure your pet follows the program. Make sure you follow the exercise routine and don’t eat food that is unhealthy.

How certain ‘items’ can harm your pet

If you have a pet at home, one of the biggest problems that you must be facing is that they items that they should not be eating. At times, the items they eat may not have any negative impact on their health. However, some pets may eat items that can cause serious injury. For instance, one of my neighbors pet ate rubber knobs from a toy ball. Even though my neighbor took his pet to the doctor immediately, he was unable to save his pet. Therefore it is important that we keep items like pens, hearing aid and remote control away from the pets.

When your pet eats these items, their body is unable to digest these items. These items usually get stuck in the intestine which can cause serious problems. If your pet eats any item that you feel will not pass through their digestive system, it is important that you take your pet to a vet immediately. You vet will usually suggest an emergency operation to remove the item. I know a friends cat that ate about 35 hair bands. Initially there was no problem but over time these bands accumulated in the cat’s stomach which caused vomiting. These bands were removed from the cat’s stomach after the doctor performed an expensive operation.

Most of us who have pets at home often wonder why pets like eating these items. Pets are curious animals that like to explore the world with their mouth. Just like infants want to put everything in their mouth, pets also love to put objects in their mouth. Another reason why pets love these items is because they are inquisitive about the items they don’t use. For instance, your pet could love playing with socks because they don’t wear them.

The cost of removing these items from the body of your pet is not cheap. For instance, removing items like ball, socks, bands, ribbons, tie or any other item can cost your anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500. If you want to save yourself from this unwanted expense, you can get a pet insurance policy.

Buying the right horse riding accessories and apparel

dressage-bridle-300x288Horse riding is not an easy art as the rider must know how to control every move of the horse with the help of the reins and his legs. Horse riding is not a new sport as every civilization has some experience in riding a horse. Even today, many people consider horse riding a privilege sport that only a select few can enjoy.

Even though there are several riding still, most people prefer the equestrian hail English riding. What sets this riding skill apart from other riding skills is that this skill is a true test of rider’s control over the horse. Also, the riding apparel that is used by the rider not only protects the rider but also help in flaunting their luxury and style statement.

The accessories and the apparel worn by the rider will vary depending on the country and the personal preference of the rider. For instance, there is a huge difference between the accessories worn in Western countries and Britain. English dressage bridle is lighter and flatter when compared to western dressage bridle. Also, the western saddle pads have stirrups and horns that are not available in English saddle pads. English saddle pads are preferred by riders who are looking for simple and light saddle pads. However, the ladies breaches that are used in Western countries and Britain are usually the same.

English dressage bridle is available at various offline and online stores. If you looking for website that sells English dressage bridle, you can visit the website They have an excellent collection of English dressage bridle and we are sure you will find one that meets your requirement.

Tips to Help you Select the Right Dog Training School

There are several dog training schools that have opened in United States and many other countries. Most schools are willing to accommodate pet owners who are ready to pay for their dog’s training. However, before you pay these schools it is important that you consider several factors that could have an impact on your pet.

Before you enroll your pet in a dog training school, it is important that you check the reputation of the school. Reputation of a school can be gauged from the popularity and reliability of the school. You can also check the reliability of the school asking your friends who have pets, dog trainers or vets. You can also get information about schools from American Society for the prevention of Cruelty and dog breeders.

You must also check the training methods used at the dog school. Make sure the methods used by the school are humane, so your pet can enjoy their experience at the school. Some dog training schools still use primitive inhumane ways of training dogs which may result in development of negative traits in your pet.

Not only must the school use humane methods of teaching your pet, it must also be equipped with knowledge of how to use the latest techniques to teach your pet. A school that uses modern methods of teaching will help in developing your pet’s potential in shortest possible time. Also, schools must have up-to-date equipment that will help in teaching your pet a variety of skills.

You must also check the classroom setup before you enroll your pet in a dog training school. Group type training is considered to be better than private lessons as it will help in developing social skills of your pet and eliminates their negative traits.

Dealing with the Problem of Heatstroke in Dogs

It may come as a surprise to many pet owners that not just humans but even animals can suffer from a heatstroke even if they are in the shade. Most pet care organisations recommend that people must provide nutritious food, plenty of clean water and protection of heat. Today, there are many animal services officers who charge pet owners with animal cruelty if they don’t provide them protection from heat.

Animals who suffer from severe heat cannot call the pet owners for help and many people fail to identify signs of heatstroke in their pets. Some of the symptoms of distress and heatstroke include drooling, panting, seizures and disorientation. Many animals who suffer from a heatstroke may also refuse water.

Even though most animals are susceptible to heatstroke, dogs are more likely to suffer from this problem because of their characteristics, activity level and mode of confinement. Here are a few tips that will protect your dog from heat stroke.

  • Make sure you confine a dog in an area that is shaded at all times.
  • Give them plenty of fresh drinking water and make sure they drink water several times during the day.
  • If you exercise your pet regularly, make sure you check their stress level especially during summers.
  • Limit the outdoor exposure of active dogs that don’t know their limitation. Also, you must try to keep brachycephalic and heavy-coated dogs indoors as keeping them outdoors will increase their chances of heatstroke.
  • If you have a pet-sitter, make sure you instruct them about the right exercise procedures and prevent measures they must take to protect the pet from heatstroke.

Even after taking all possible precautions, animals can suffer from heatstroke. If your pet has suffered a heatstroke, you must take steps to reduce their body temperature. You must try to cool their neck and the head area and place the animal in an air-conditioned space. Don’t force your pet to drink water as it could aggravate the problem. If this does not help, contact your family vet immediately.

Having Indoor Pets can Reduce Sensitization

pet-allergies-300x205In a recent study it was found that having a pet in your home during the first year of your kid’s life can help in reducing allergies. Most parents don’t get pets because they are scared that their kid’s will develop pet allergies. However, researchers have found that having a cat or dog at home can reduce the risk of allergies by over 50 percent.

Researchers explained that a process allergic sensitization checks the risk of children being sensitized to the animals later in their life. This research was conducted by Ganesa Weigienka who is part of the bio-statistics and epidemiology team at the Henry Ford Hospital.

The results of the study were in Clinical & Experimental Allergy. In the study, researchers studied a group of 566 boys and girls from their birth until they reached the age of 18. They studied the affect of dogs and cats on kids and the also the affect of allergic sensitization on the group.

The families of the boys and girls have to complete annual surveys where they had to give information about their pets. The boys and girls were also tested allergic sensitization to cats and dogs at the age of 18.

Researchers found that boys and girls that had a cat or dog at home during the first year of their life has reduced risk of being sensitized to the animal they had in their home later in their life. However, exposure to these animals later in their life did not reduce their sensitization to these animals. For example, girls that had cats in the first year of their life were less likely to be sensitized by cats when they were 18 years old than girls that did not have indoor cats at home. Boys and girls that had indoor cats at home when they were infants were 48 percent less likely to be sensitized to than people who did not have cats.

Selecting the Right Food for your Pet

With so many instances of pet food recall, most pet prefer giving their pet homemade food. They believe that commercial food that is available in the market is contaminated and can harm their animal friend. Today, most vets are of the view that animals must not be given canned food as it can be harmful.

Some manufacturers of cheap canned food don’t take adequate precaution when preparing food your animals. If you plan to buy wet food for your pet, make sure you check the ingredients used by the manufacturer. Some readymade wet foods contain preservatives and chemicals that can have a negative influence on the health of your pet. Some cheap readymade foods may also contain added flavours that make the food tasty but can harm your pet in the long run.

Another factor that you should consider when buying readymade food for your animals friend, is the ingredients used by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers use animal by-products to reduce the price of the canned food. These products are blended and grounded in the food making it difficult for pet owners to judge the quality of food.

Some manufacturers don’t check the quality of the ingredients they add to the pet food. There have been instances in the past where manufacturers have used diseased carcass in their products. Also, some bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella are known to thrive in animals. When manufacturers use diseased meat they put the life of your pet at risk.

Some of the ill-effects of giving your pet readymade food include diarrhea, loss of appetite and vomiting. At times, some toxins like ethoxyquin and butylated hydroxytoluene can cause health problems like cancer, liver problems and even death.

To avoid these problems, it is important that you give your pet premium food even if it is a bit expensive. Most premium pet food makers use quality ingredients that are essential for growth of your pet. If you are unable to decide what s best for your animal friend, it is best that you consult a vet before buying canned food for your pet.